The Formula

Are you the online expert? Are you the market leader? Is this reflected online?

What are your clients saying about you? Does your online reputation reflect you?

Can you be found where your prospects are looking for you?

Trust Marketing

The Formula results in phone calls. Prospects who are predisposed to buy your services.

Do you desire more new prospects?

One of the main ways that companies are establishing authority and gaining trust with consumers is by consistently creating valuable content through a variety of channels.

—Forbes Magazine



The best content creation comes from the most passionate spokesman for the business, typically, the owner. New technology allows these interviews to be recorded and ranked in search results. This provides the ability for the business owner to get their message directly to the prospect who is seeking it, when they are seeking it.

reputation marketing


Do you know who is talking about you online? When they are talking about you? Do you have a system in place to automate the process of protecting your reputation online? If not, you are one bad review from a bad reputation online.



The number one social media content which is relevant to Google is video. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine and is owned by Google. Created and syndicated properly with knowledgable video marketing and your video can be the backbone of a huge lead generation network.



Authority + Trust + Presence = Prospects

Prospects are the new leads that enter your sales funnel. Your phone will ring.  With prospects who are predisposed to buy from you, the market authority.

Do you need more prospects?